About Us

Kiwan Construction and Building Co, born in the heart of Abu Dhabi in December 2007,emerged as a demolition powerhouse. In just a few short years, it ventured into a new realm: decommisioning and oil feild demolition. From there, its demolition prowess grew exponentially, reaching broader horizons across the Gulf Region.

Kiwan’s journey in demolition initially centered around high-rise buildings. As the UAE’s development surged ahead relentlessly, the company expanded its portfolio to meet the escalating demands of the Oil & Gas sector covering the decommissioning and demolition of onshore and offshore refineries, riggs and stations.

The success of these endeavors paved the way for the inauguration of ‘Kiwan Demolition Co.,a dedicated demolition entity. This sister company mirrored Kiwan Construction and Building Co.’s roots and was founded in Abu Dhabi in 2011. In a mere two years, it spread its wings to conquer the dynamic Dubai market. In 2022, Kiwan Demolition further expanded into Sharjah, catering to the needs of the Northern Emirates.

But we don’t stop there. Kiwan Demolition is now preparing to make its mark in Saudi Arabia,
with the opening of its first branch. Additionally, we are set to open a specialized lube and
grease factory in 2025

With just 16 years of relentless expertise, Kiwan Group has etched a remarkable success story in the UAE market. Our demolition expertise is a testament to our unwavering commitment, focusing on Oil & Gas facilities and the controlled demolition of critical high-rise towers



modern and advanced Machinery



trained workers who undergo ongoing courses


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Our materials stored in Kezad, Mafraq and Al-Faya

how do we get the job done?


It is all about you and your needs. We put you at the forefront of everything we do. At Kiwan,
we master practicality and flexibility at every level of our organization, ensuring that your
requirements are not just met but exceeded.
Practicality is our guiding principle. It means pinpoint precision, getting right to where it is
needed, time efficiency, and going beyond just meeting your needs. We also provide expert
consultation on best practices and alternative routes to optimize your project.
Flexibility is our strength. We embrace agility, quick turnarounds, swift actions, and the ability
to manage tight deadlines. We are by your side, ready to respond promptly. Our understanding
of the ever-changing nature of your work ensures we support you through all challenges.

Kiwan dedicates the right people for the right job. Our team is made of subject experts be
it from the planning or execution sides. Our engineers are all equipped to handle the most
intricate projects.
Kiwan also deploys the latest equipment, technologies, and management systems part its
unwavering commitment to excellence. It also rigorously meets the local and international
standards for construction and demolition works.

Expertise at hand

Safety at core

Safety-first is the motto of Kiwan. The industries we and our customers operate in are of
high risk. The safety of our employees, our customers, partners and everyone we work with
is of utmost cruciality. For that, Kiwan has a robust HSE protocol in place, designed to train
and continuously improve our HSE practices and behaviors to prevent injuries and risks on
ourselves, those around us and the environment.

While quality is our primary focus, we understand the pivotal role pricing plays in project
feasibility. At Kiwan, we guarantee competitive rates that can be tailored to meet your specific
needs, providing exceptional value without compromising on excellence.

Competitive pricing